Control Temperature and Humidity for Ultimate Comfort

Multi-Zoning vs. One Zone

While a thermostat provides one central point of control for your home, a zoning system divides your home into areas with common heating and cooling requirements, controlling each area independently. By considering both the characteristics of your home, as well as those of your family's lifestyle, your Carrier consultant can help you decide which makes the most sense for you.

The Carrier Infinity System

The Carrier Infinity System manages both temperature and humidity so you can truly enjoy perfect comfort. This easy-to-read, user-friendly control can be configured as either a programmable or manual thermostat, according to your needs and lifestyle.

Its many features include:

Automatic Humidity Control: works with your Carrier variable-speed system to automatically adjust the indoor humidity for increased comfort, energy savings and indoor air quality
Vacation Mode: allows you to change to an energy-saving setting at the touch of a button when your home will be unoccupied, while maintaining safe humidity levels
Clear Filter Indicator: reminds you when it is time to change or clean your system's air filter
Outdoor Temperature Display: lets you check the outdoor temperature at the touch of a button
Battery Free Operation: stores programs indefinitely which means you'll never have to worry about changing batteries or re-programming your thermostat after a power outage
Optional Programmability: helps you save on utility bills by automatically adjusting to your daily schedule
Energy Star Seal: is your assurance of energy efficient operation and environmental responsibility

Zoning: A Bright Idea!

Zoning is simply a way of dividing a home into areas with similar cooling and heating needs. You wouldn't have just one light switch for your entire home. With zoning, you can have the same flexibility with your temperature as you do with your lighting, by independently controlling different areas of your home according to their needs and occupancy.

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