Mold Treatment
Done in 2 easy treatments!

All homes and buildings should undergo scheduled maintenance checks that include inspection for water leaks, problem seals around windows and doors, air conditioning and heating systems, as well as checks for visible mold in moist and damp parts of the home.

The First Step of Mold Treatment


The first step is either spraying or fogging with VIRKON. All areas that could become a breeding area of mold are treated thoroughly. After one hour is allowed for drying, any remainming dead mold is wiped or brushed away. VIRKON kills mold, mildew, fungi, algae, bacteria and viruses rapidly. It is especially destructive to all toxic molds including, but not limited to stachybotrys, chartarum and aspergillus. VIRKON is 100% effective and recommended for use in areas where black mold is a problem, and any area where there is water damage and mold has set in.

VIRKON is also:

Safe to use, store and dispose of

The Second Step of Mold Treatment


The second step is PREVENT - an all natural, specially engineered triple-acting live enzyme microbial preventer, that is 100% USDA food grade accepted. This is applied by spraying or fogging thoroughly. PREVENT consumes and digests all microbial, including dead mold spores, and colonizes all areas treated to pretect those areas from recurrence. This is a long lasting treatment for prevention of the return molds, mildews, fungi, algae, bacteria, allergens and viruses. All surfaces and areas are safe from these invisible and unhealthful intruders. Areas treated are immediately protected. Mold remediation should use this product after structural clean-up, and before any clearance testing is done. When used as directed, clearance can be passed on the first try, with zero residual spore count in the area tested. Reduce cleaning crew man hours in remediation structures by using this product. This product is unique nad effective because it first destroys mold, then prevents its return.


Removes allergy triggers
Removes odor
Removes asthma triggers
Removes airborne pollutants

the most powerful mold killer available today..... VIRKON

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